Once Upon a Journey of Sorrow

And then it became tomorrow.

We must not borrow the sands of fate. The fuel of the gems help correlate the state of the ways we create. Yet the days, of late, have been ones that share the suns from the mountain top that remind me when to stop, let’s drop into the ramp and let the baristas check the tamp.

I’ve been at the plough, though what does that matter to you? You have not seen the violet hue of the things that I do! They think it may be near the end, yet the ear of a friend is something also we may lend. Send the patchwork quilt back to my forgotten years of guilt and remember that Come September was built from the urban landscapes we tilt.

I invite you to reveal your inner world. I ask you to find the good joys that let your toes have curled up and scrunched up into a ball while you’re waiting for the sky to fall. I ask many, some, none, and all to crawl deep into the sands of sleep and remember the actions of which you wish to keep.

Dive into your heart. Share some things like an eternal start at something new. Refresh your mind and let your spirits weave into that that you do!

Remember that there are some grains upon the shoreline that will remind the pains of what you know thine sign will till the notions of potions sipped from her trine, even if she does lather you will a full coat of denial.

Do not forget to smile!

Though I am just one kid who abides by advice given at a fair price, I also wish to splice my own creative nature into something that will help those more rational. Rhymes are not the way to do this. Or, are they?

The ways we weave into the maze of truth from our youth will form the warm waters of the daughters who shape potters. The wheel will also seek and start to share their hearts that impart and reveal. Peel away some layers of your own deceit, and though the accusations may be a street you wish not to travel, sometimes shedding the truth will actually prevent your life from being one to unravel.

Choose what you will share, yet remember to fuse the ideas and notions that come to yourself in full out of thin air. I am a fool. It may be my profession, though I also know adulting is not something that always must be done. There are ways of keeping your youth even after eighty to ninety orbits around the sun.

Keep your hearts warm and glad. It may be imperative!!!

Love, light, luck, and life!!

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