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We’ve always touted fee-free transactions on Basechain as one of its big selling points when compared to Ethereum.

Fee-free transactions are great for users because they can start interacting with Basechain before acquiring LOOM tokens, which makes it a lot easier to onboard new users that may not be familiar with how blockchains work, or how tokens can be obtained and stored safely. While fee-free transactions are great for users, they’re not so great for the validators that run the hardware and pay for all the CPU usage, storage, and bandwidth costs associated with processing Basechain transactions. …

Loom Network’s mainnet, Basechain, went live in December 2018, and since then, we’ve upgraded the protocol numerous times in order to fix bugs and add many new features. One of our primary goals has always been to ensure that our mainnet upgrades resulted in zero downtime for dapp developers and users. Barring a few brief chain halts in the early days, we’ve done a pretty good job of reaching that liveness goal.

Unfortunately, such live upgrades are not without a cost. Some core dependencies of the Loom protocol couldn’t be upgraded without incurring a significant amount of downtime, because backwards compatibility was not as high of a priority for the authors of those dependencies as it was for us. This lack of backward compatibility in our dependencies forced our blockchain development team to spend a significant amount of time carefully backporting important bug fixes and features. …

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As mentioned in our previous article, we are pivoting Loom Network services away from under-capitalized dapp developers toward enterprise solutions for healthcare providers and government departments.

In the next few articles, we’ll be laying out our new plan for you. And this first post gives an overview of some of the use cases we’ll be focusing on.

It all begins with building out optimized services for healthcare providers and government departments in Thailand — to allow storage, secure access, sharing, and overall streamlining of clinical and administrative data.

Government departments and hospitals in Thailand are still very reliant on paper documents. And there are many types of documents that need to be physically transferred to the central government after being certified at hospitals, e.g. …

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Folks, it’s no secret — some pretty ugly dynamics have emerged throughout the crypto space. And I don’t mean family asking “Isn’t the Bitcoin for criminals?” over the holidays…

Too many projects raised too much money under suspect pretenses, then mostly squandered funds in efforts to pump or prop up their tokens.

There is an unrelenting circuit of global crypto conferences, sensational marketing campaigns, big partnership announcements that never came to be, and shifty market making to lift volumes to the high heavens and beyond.

All the while, many of them never got around to actually building or shipping anything…

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TL;DR: Binance — the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world — has launched their validator on Loom Network’s Basechain to help secure the DPoS network alongside 21+ other validators currently running nodes. What’s more, you will be able to earn monthly rewards directly to your Binance account just by holding LOOM tokens on their exchange. How cool is that?! 🤘

A lot has happened this year, and it’s been pretty awesome working with the Binance team. The folks there are some of the greatest people we’ve worked with, and they continue to do amazing things in the space.

Today, we announce that the largest crypto exchange in the world is supporting Loom Network with validator services and offering a Staking Airdrop Program for LOOM holders.

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TL;DR: After completing the new CryptoZombies lesson on Binance Chain, you’ll be able to start building on Binance right away — create your own token, freeze and unfreeze tokens, place orders on Binance DEX, plus more — using Loom Network’s Transfer Gateway. Interoperability is already operable.

When we first started CryptoZombies, we never knew it would blow up to be such a popular blockchain coding resource. It’s been amazing to see it keep growing and growing.

And there’s a question our fans ask us quite a bit: “When is the next CryptoZombies lesson coming out?”

Now I can once again give an answer you may LOVE…

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CryptoZombies for Libra will allow you to learn and master the basics of Facebook’s Libra Blockchain and the Move Programming Language at your own pace in a fun, interactive manner — so you can build and deploy your own app.

TL;DR: We have just launched a brand new course covering the basics of Libra Blockchain as part of the CryptoZombies platform — the most popular blockchain programming code school, where over 415,672+ students have learned Solidity and Ethereum dapp development. In this new course, you can master the basics of Facebook’s Libra Blockchain and the Move Programming Language in a fun, interactive manner. If you are interested in getting a head start, please read on.

CryptoZombies for Libra Blockchain at a Glance:

  • Learn at your own pace without feeling rushed.
  • Gradually progress from basic to advanced concepts without compromising any understanding.
  • Built by the creators of CryptoZombies — the most popular code school where over 415,672+ students have learned Solidity and Ethereum dapp development. …

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Another Relentless release has just landed with a few important updates.

As always, here’s where you can download the game and start playing right now:

Relentless is Now Open Source 🎉

We open sourced Relentless for the whole community to build on!

The link below points to the doc showing you how to spin up your instance of Gamechain, build the Relentless smart contract, run the game in Unity, and generate binaries for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

There may be a couple necessary tweaks to the tutorial, but everything is pretty much ready to go. …

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Crazy House — the provably fair, non-traditional blockchain casino — is now open to the public.

TL;DR: Crazy House is a provably fair casino experience with a bunch of perks for its players, including tournaments, prizes, airdrops, and the ability to own a stake in the house. You can play the debut game — Biker Bolt — right now, and there will be 3-week Biker Bolt Tournament with $450 DAI in prizes kicking off next week!

Announcing the latest blockchain casino to hit the crypto scene…

Crazy House — the provably fair, non-traditional blockchain casino — is now open to the public in Beta.

This casino has a lot of exciting mini-games in the works, which they’ll be launching one by one — starting with an exciting hover bike race: Biker Bolt. …

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Huobi Wallet is the latest validator on Loom Basechain 🎉

This is exciting news — and it will have a huge impact on the Chinese Market — as Huobi is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and runs one of the most popular wallets in China.

We’re really happy to be working with these fine folks.

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The Vital Role of Validators

Validators play a critical role in keeping the DPoS network honest and secure. Some of the responsibilities of running a validator node include:

  • 100% uptime, redundancy, and top security measures
  • An additional backup location operation
  • Staking a large amount of LOOM tokens for a period of…


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