An Open Reply to Mathios Meridius’s Open Reply to Yang’s Open Letter
Victoria McKenzie

Well said! The arrogance in Mathios’ letter is jaw-dropping to me. I cannot believe the amount of self-importance he has put in his opinion (which is proving to be the clear minority opinion).

To be completely honest, I had never heard of this site before Yang’s letter but after reading Mathios’ response, I was compelled to make an account just to comment on the insane arguments he was making. I can’t help but keep checking back to see how the rest of the world feels about his response letter. I doubt there are many people who can agree with the parallels he attempts to draw between this app and the original gameboy games.

His opinion that he is somehow superior to Yang (and the rest of the world) because they didn’t purchase and play every single game for countless hours is certainly an interesting one.

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