How To Accelerate Your Growth by Embracing Accountability

My father-in-law always says, “Results are the name of the game!”. If he is right (and I believe he is), then accountability is the legal steroids that accelerates your growth.

Several. top organizations and high achievers are beginning to attribute a “culture of accountability” as the reason for their acceleration towards desired growth and radical transformation. In fact some of the greatest growth in my life has come as I’ve learned to embrace accountability. It hasn’t always been that way. I ran from accountability for many years because I didn’t have the right perspective. If you’re running from accountability too, here’s how you can embrace it to start accelerating your growth.

“Who wants to always be told what they’re doing wrong?”

I ran from accountability because I felt like a failure every time I came face to face with my shortcomings. Apparently I’m not alone. According to a recent Gallup Poll and Barna study, accountability at work and home is something that makes people very uncomfortable. Many of us associate ourselves with our failures. The thought of facing those failures on a consistent basis can be unbearable.

My reality check moment

The “wake up call” for me came when I realized that just because I wasn’t facing my failures didn’t mean that they didn’t exist. They were very much still there, and I was just living in a temporary state of self-deception by not addressing them. I knew that If I was going to grow and fulfill my potential, I needed to learn how to embrace accountability.

It wasn’t easy then, and it’s still not easy at times. But the results I’ve seen in my life have been incredible. Below are three things I learned along the way that helped me embrace accountability to accelerate my growth. Try them out and let me know how they work for you.

3 Ways to embrace accountability to accelerate your growth:

1. Get rid of shame.

There will be times when you aren’t pleased with your results, but you have to make sure it doesn’t lead to shame. Shame brings feelings of inferiority, and feelings of inferiority can cause you to lie about your results or run from accountability all together. I’ve done this so I know how it works. What continues to help me every time is remembering that I am not my failures. Once you separate yourself from your failures, you could can analyze them for growth without compromising your confidence.

2. Be clear on the purpose of your accountability.

What is it that you are wanting accomplish? What area do you want to grow in? How will you measure your progress? Also, setting a date to evaluate your progress adds extra fuel to the fire.

3. Commitment and consistency is key.

The goal of accountability is to find someone that will help you do the things that you might struggle doing on your own. If you find someone that is unable or unwilling to take the time to offer encouragement and support, especially when it’s unsolicited, then there is no way your accountability relationship will be successful. Inconsistency is the breeding ground for failure. Stay committed to the process.

I’d love to hear from you!

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