Every horrible word you know

The greatest thing just happened at work.

Recently, our company’s youtube page started getting hammered with horrible comments. Racist stuff. Really vulgar sexual stuff. Some really awful gross and offensive stuff.

A couple of people on my team started looking into the moderation tools to see what was available. They didn’t come across anything other than the ability to manually enter blacklist terms.

So, they decided that Dan (not his real name) would sit down and build a file of every horrible word that he could think of. His instructions were to jot down every bad word he had ever heard. Sexual stuff. Racist stuff. Have at it. Full amnesty. Let it rip.

Dan had the good sense to go into a conference room for some privacy.

Before work commenced, concerns were voiced…

Are you OK with this?
If you’re not comfortable you don’t have to do this.
Let’s just make sure H/R doesn’t find out.

By the time I found out what was going on, Dan was about 50 horrible words into his masterpiece to-be.

As a responsible manager, I quickly googled the challenge and found an extensive list online. Of course, there are many.

I regret not letting Dan work for an hour before giving him the list.

He quickly deleted his horrible file.
We may never know the dark secrets in young Dan’s mind.