Continued Growth in the Cleantech and Sustainability Sectors

As CEO of Abakan, Inc., Robert Miller guides a Miami-based company that pursues expansion pathways in a number of spheres, from advanced steel coatings to solar energy and next-generation batteries. In his role with Abakan, Robert Miller has worked extensively in the technology commercialization arena, and he has a particular interest in cleantech.

As reported in Triple Pundit, growth in sustainable technology sectors has not seen a drop-off, despite the recent change of administration and historically low fossil fuel prices over the past three years. This is due to a need for maximum energy efficiency on a planet facing acute land shortages, emissions challenges, and population pressures.

Areas of major innovation in the circular economy include the creation of bioplastics from organic waste and the capture of carbon dioxide. Triple Pundit points to the leading-edge company 3PLW, which has created a unique anaerobic digestion process that may cut the time necessary for creating material for biochemical production from municipal waste by a factor of 10. Other companies are focused on aspects of sustainability such as creating a nutritious feed product with microalgae as its basis.

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