We Are At War For A Free And Open Internet

This was a big mistake on your part and is already being presented as “See?! They’re not a free speech platform at all!”

Protip: there are already two organizations that have had to domain hop a LOT that are well known in the Internet sphere: Encyclopedia Dramatica and The Pirate Bay. You need to look at what they did and replicate it, immediately.

Secondly, you need to have alternate domains available at all times. Hell, make your IP address available on your site on a page somewhere so anyone can find you even if you have *no* domains.

Gab is being watched very carefully and a lot of people want it to fail. My gut feeling tells me you guys are principled and committed, but that won’t count for jack if you’re caught in a corner by something outside of your control.

Oh, and parallel service developers take note: there is apparently a lack of free-speech oriented registrars. Seems like a good business opportunity, don’t you think?

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