How to train your child to instantly obey your vocal warning

One responsible for the safety of a child must be able to instantly control a kid out of arms reach with a voice command.

Busy Parking Lot Scenario: The bright, cute and energetic child skipping just a…

Updated 26 January, 2016. Photo credit: Emily Shur for The New York Times

Part XI of this series of articles that share useful insights and practical guidance to troubleshoot underperforming self-help and learning systems

This article offers insights from the author’s experience helping organizations overcome avoidable mistakes when acquiring and integrating externally produced content, e.g training, professional development, self-help.

There may come a…

B-24s of the 453rd readying for takeoff

When the training ends…the fighting begins

On 8 April, 1944, thirty-five B-24 Liberator bombers of the 453rd Bombing Group joined the 2nd Air Division of the 8th Air Force to raid Brunswick, Germany. Five of the group’s bombers would return early having to abort due to various malfunctions. Eight hours after take-off, only twenty-three B-24's returned…

A combat-bound crew encounters a fatal flaw for which there is no obvious solution.

Despite the propensity and value of nearly boundless technology and information at our fingertips, solving life’s most pressing problems sometimes requires decisively bold action right now.

Our story begins about midnight at Old Buckenham Airfield, England, in the spring of 1944. The author is retired USAF test pilot, Colonel Bill…

B-24 from the 453rdBG

I’ve yet to hear a combat tale that compares in terms of goose bumps per word. Stories based in combat are mesmerizing, but — over the years of retelling— some wind up becoming more colorful over time. What follows achieves its powerful impact from its utter lack of embellishment.


Premature focus on efficiency blocks innovation

For those of us delving into the feasibility of new concepts while bedeviled by MBAs focused on return on investment, this article offers empathy and some insights on the type of company deserving of your talent.

The extent to which our bosses encourage or inhibit discovery determines our organization’s ability to innovate

Design & Troubleshooting Guide

Our training, intranet, extranet and support knowledgebases exist to deliver game-changing ROI as customers, partners and staff discover timely solutions to vexing problems. When we’re successful, users swarm the site(s) expecting to find answers and are gobsmacked when they don’t.

Conversely, flat demand signals failure. Whether it is a lack…

Robert Norris

Author, Historian and Above-Average Grandpa

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