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How to train your child to instantly obey your vocal warning

If you agree with the following assertion, read on for a proven approach:

One responsible for the safety of a child must be able to instantly control a kid out of arms reach with a voice command.

Busy Parking Lot Scenario: The bright, cute and energetic child skipping just a few feet ahead of your group is suddenly two skips from crossing paths with a pick-up driven much too fast by a moron. She doesn’t see it and you will not reach her in time. Consider:

  1. Are you 100% sure that your precious baby will immediately heed your shouted warning to stop moving? …

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Updated 26 January, 2016. Photo credit: Emily Shur for The New York Times

Part XI of this series of articles that share useful insights and practical guidance to troubleshoot underperforming self-help and learning systems

This article offers insights from the author’s experience helping organizations overcome avoidable mistakes when acquiring and integrating externally produced content, e.g training, professional development, self-help.

There may come a time in your organization’s path to riches that a cost-benefit decision needs to be made as to whether or not licensing externally produced content makes good business sense. In MBA terms, it’s a Make or Buy decision:

Rather than commit the time, money and energy to produce this
material internally, would we be better off acquiring it
from a source whose business is content development?
” …

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B-24s of the 453rd readying for takeoff

When the training ends…the fighting begins

On 8 April, 1944, thirty-five B-24 Liberator bombers of the 453rd Bombing Group joined the 2nd Air Division of the 8th Air Force to raid Brunswick, Germany. …


Robert Norris

Author, Historian and Above-Average Grandpa

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