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I guess Republican DEAD BRAIN SYNDROME continues to hamper they're thinking, or Conservatives thought Trump was really a Good Guy just a little strange. Somehow Republicans need to turn around the Insanity that Trump has brought to the White House. A little more than 100 days into to the Trump Administration and each day brings with it more calamity and it doesn’t stop. Trump is and incompetent idiot his entire administration has their Thumps up there behinds. Trump can’t even fill vacancies needed to run the government and why? Each nominee has in affect done or said something dumb or is accused of criminal behavior. Now Lindsey Graham along with other Republicans says it has got to be Clinton or Obama or Aliens the Moon giving bad signs in other words DISTRACTION. Best face it Conservatives Trump is a CRIMINAL no other words can describe Trump better, and the Fat Lady is singing Loud and Clear Trump will be IMPEACHED may as well deal with it.

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