Headline Readers & Click Bait Style Content Can Shift Markets

Photo by MARVIN TOLENTINO on Unsplash

In a world of information overload, those who have limitless time may be able to filter out that which is real and of real value to them, but most people don’t and won’t. Trusted, professional advisors have the capacity to save the consumer tremendous amounts of time — and aggravation — by seeking out the most accurate information that is relevant to their decision making.

The volume of misinformation and inaccuracies is alarming. It appears to be getting worse especially in a world where some purposefully fuel the system with agenda-driven misinformation. It is for this reason especially that we need to be able to have the best data, the best knowledge AND the ability to extrapolate that which is relevant, meaningful and helpful to our clients…..if we wish to remain relevant and needed in the real estate equation.

Time is the last luxury. When we save our clients time AND they can trust that the information we have gathered for them is accurate, verifiable and pertinent to their decision-making, then we are adding REAL value that fully justifies our fees …..and then some.