6 Ways You Can Achieve Perfection with Content Strategy Marketing

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about perfection in the news this year amidst the hectic Holiday season, specifically within the Sports realm.

Stephen Curry, the basketball prodigy playing for the Golden State Warriors, is leading his team to potential perfection with 17 consecutive wins to start off the season.

The likeliness of perfection for Curry and the Warriors is sadly 3.8 percent, though.

Future Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady, almost achieved perfection in 2007 when the Patriots entered the Super Bowl undefeated. Unfortunately, the New York Giants crushed their dreams and left them with a loss to end the season.

Only one individual has achieved perfection within the sports realm, Don Shula. Don Shula is the Hall of Fame coach of the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Shula really made a statement throughout his legacy as an NFL coach.

33 seasons.347–173–6 overall record. 2 Super Bowl titles. 1 Perfect Season

So… What is perfection and how does this relate to you as a marketer?

First you must define your goal prior to attempting to achieve it.

Merriam-Webster defines perfection as:

The quality or state of being perfect: as
Freedom from fault or defect The quality or state of being saintly An exemplification of supreme excellence

It may seem unreasonable to achieve this stature of saintliness so it is my thinking that you must strive for perfection if you can’t achieve it. As a marketing guru you must channel every possible outlet to extract maximum value out of your budget and most importantly, your time.

That being said, I will list six ways a content marketer may achieve perfection as it relates to their goals and expectations.

1 — Lots’ and Lots’ of Content via the art of Blogging

You are likely a marketing guru yourself if you have come this far so if you don’t already know, sales wins games but marketing wins championships. It is now a must have a blog associated with your website and this blog must be updated regularly with content that is relevant to your brand, culture, and target audience.

Hubspot’s research shows that websites with blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not. Your websites content should be created with passion and a good understanding of what it takes to write what others enjoy and follow.

2 — Social Media Presence

There has been no shortage of blog posts, tweets, and shares in general regarding the importance of social media so I’ll keep it brief with what has really helped me. I was reading up on social media and content strategy marketing and realized the importance of consistency and quality. As a marketer, you must strike a balance between the two so you’re able to gain ‘many but quality’ followers.

This viewed as highly important to consumers perception of the brand or companies credibility. Are you more impressed with a brand with 500 followers or 50,000 followers?

Having a brand presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram is pivotal to success and this is how your social media outlets can go viral within a matter of weeks. You will receive likes, shares, retweets and start to gain a following by creating content that others enjoy and benefit from.

It is from this point forward that each step must be methodically planned out to extract maximum value out of each visitor.

3 — Inbound Marketing

Marketing is no longer an art, it is now a science.

You have content that is created and you have social media presence that is driving visitors to your website. What is the next step?

4 — Marketing Automation

Once you have practiced inbound marketing and have gained a following, marketing automation will help you achieve a better understanding of your target audience and what they do and do not like.

I must give credit to the idea of Marketing Automation for the passion I have today. Specifically, Marketo and their turn-key solution for B2B and consumer marketing teams. Having the ability to send relevant emails with customized information to the masses is a wonderful idea.

5 — Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a modern marketer, you must regularly think of how to increase your chances of getting on the first page of google on a frequent basis. Search engine optimization is known to increase revenue but it is a very vague term and frequently used synonymously with google which adds to the confusion.

To give meaning, Search Engine Optimization is defined as:

“The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.”

Are you excessively using words that you want to be shown up for in search engines? What are your bounce rates for your homepage? Are your links going to websites that are reliable sources?

To go back to number one on this list, Lots’ and Lots’ of Content will be your basis to gain relevance in google. Google also loves content and itemizing because it adds consistency and this is typically an indicator of a more well-rounded page.

Another tip is that the old adage, “Pay your dues first,” is applicable with SEO and it’s a fact that you aren’t going to see results overnight. Expecting to show up higher in search results with a few posts is naive.

6 — Lead Nurturing & Lead Management Processes

Lead Nurturing and Lead Management is pivotal in your quest to dominate the marketing arena. Three pivotal factors in your businesses Lead Nurturing and Management processes and systems are Lead Scoring and CRM Integration.

I pointed to Marketo earlier in this post and will reference their content and what they offer to B2B and consumer enterprise organizations once more.

Lead Scoring — Marketo defines Lead Scoring as…

A methodology for ranking customers (and potential customers) in terms of their likelihood to exhibit certain behaviors, such as making a new purchase, being open to a cross-sell offer, or not renewing. This is essential for prioritizing time and effort on the most important and valuable opportunities.

Scoring allows you to identify which customers are most interested in you and ready to purchase. Lead Scoring will also allow for you to extrapolate and analyze the behavior to ultimately show you what customers you are most interested in. With marketing solutions like Marketo, you have unlimited dimensions to score your potential customer. These dimensions typically include Demographics, Behavior, Inactivity, Product-Specific Scoring, and much more.

CRM Integration — Having a proactive sales team (opposed to a reactive sales team) and a process or system for CRM Integration is a recipe for perfection. CRM Integration essentially entails all of your marketing efforts translating into data in your CRM, such as SalesForce. You can then use this data to leverage your product or service

CRM Integration helps drastically with your Lead Nurturing and Lead Management systems. First you must understand your funnel means visibility from the point a name enters the top to when the opportunity is closed won. Setting up a closed-loop, seamless connection between your customer relationship management (CRM) system allows for a ‘no lead left behind’ mentality. Maximizing your lead conversion rate will eventually lead to potentially massive deceases in your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) which has been found to be the start-up killer.

While this information may not be cutting edge, it is straight to the point and should give you tunnel vision on your road to success. I wish you luck and encourage feedback.

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Originally published at millennialmarketplace.wordpress.com on November 28, 2015.

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