You Must Watch This Video If You Want To Get More Value From Your Trade Show Booth!

Companies will spend millions of dollars on being at a trade show, but they don’t spend 10 minutes writing an opening line.

Robert Strong is an Expert at Gathering Crowds & Leading Presentations at Trade Shows

I have 15 years experience working trade shows as a presenter and corporate magician and I am constantly honing my opening lines. My goal is to get rejected as little as possible. After years and years of refining my greeting, I have learned exactly what to say when. I lead staff training workshops for sales teams who want to have an advantage over the booths nearby. For more information about that, visit my website on Team Building.

My friends at Spark Media Solutions who wrote the definitive book on trade show success called THREE FEET FROM SEVEN FIGURES teamed up with me, Robert Strong The Trade Show Magician, to make this short video which was shot at the IAEE conference. This is a must watch if you ever exhibit at trade shows.

How to Attract Trade Show Attendees to Your Booth.

I am honored to not only be in the video, but also to be featured in his book about One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows.

Hiring A Professional Trade Show Magician Will Give You The Best ROI On Your Investment.

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You Must Watch This Video If You Want To Get More Value From Your Trade Show Booth!

Short Guide to Best Trade Show Booth behaviors!

Helpful Tips for Success at your Trade Show Booth!

Your Trade Show Booth Would Be Twice as Successful if Your Booth Staff Simply Removes Typical Bad Behaviors!

Robert Strong Presenting and Communicating New Product Messaging at a Trade Show
Chief Magic Officer Robert Strong is a Trade Show Expert!

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