The Guy in a Thong and the Night I will Never Forget

“Hi, my name is Adrian,” says a gentleman behind me in a sexy British accent.

“I am Pat,” was my reply, while thanking the gods and goddesses of the universe that my nickname was one syllable. It would’ve been hard to say anything after a quick inspection on his handsome face.

It was one of those nights in an unfamiliar busy city that I need to pretend I am okay. But clearly, I am not, I only decided to go to the bar because my flight to Bangkok is early morning the next day.

I did not even know what kind of bar I went to, but it looks fine — the prices in the bar list did make that one clear and I know I am stretching my few hundred bucks. Torrent of thoughts were circling in my head.

“Cocktails or another beer?” I cannot make another word after he said “cock-tails”. I do not even know why I feel powerless at that moment. “You got this Pat, you got this” I keep on telling myself to avoid losing my composure.

“Yes, sure” came my confident but was absolutely empty reply. “Sure, what?” he asked.

“Beer would be okay.”

As I inspect the room I began to notice how out of place I was. The lady a few barstools away from me was sipping on her margarita wearing a very nice long dress. “Fuck, you should have ordered one of those fancy drinks!” says the bigger bitch in my head.

He handed me the beer and asked, “What brought you here?”

My thoughts were racing, “What brought me where?”, “To this bar?”, “To Singapore?”

I didn’t know what to say, I swear I must have looked like YouTube on a dialup connection. If you look closely you might even find the circle in my forehead that signals buffering.

Before I can make up something fancy, I just told the truth, “I am on a visa run from Bangkok, I work in Bangkok for an I.T. Company.”

“That explains” he said matter-of-factly while he grinned.

I can guess he is in his 30’s, have a good paying job because of how he wore his suit and tie with class and grace. I was inspecting him more than he is inspecting me.

The night went on with casual talk. After 5 more bottles of beer I brought out the fancy girl in me and agreed to a bottle of wine, that he swears I must try. Yeah, it was delicious, while saying to myself “Do not mix your alcohol, you know what happens when you do!”

If I drink beer I should stick with it the whole night, otherwise another kind of alcohol will get me the most-dreaded hangover.

Adrian must have sensed the I am a bit worried as I down his fancy choice and said, “Don’t worry, you will sweat it out later.”

Okay, so we are definitely going that route, I felt my heart sort of getting out of rhythm and pounding hard in my chest. It is not like as if it is the first time I am going to get laid. I definitely should just go for it.

A very fine looking woman came to our area of the bar and said hi to Adrian like they have something going on in between them. I can say she must be American from her accent. They exchanged a few words and I am feeling uncomfortable. Threatened in some way by this girl with long legs and skinny arms and a pretty face to match.

“This is Pat, a colleague.” Shocked about how I was introduced, I immediately stood up and shook her hand. She introduced herself but I did not understand a single word she said. The beer and the wine plastered a smile on my face that may look convincing that I can comprehend what she was saying although I was just doing a series of nods after every phrase she says.

I was standing next to a tall woman which emphasized all the more how petite I was. Standing only 5 feet tall, it was a challenge getting back on that barstool without a struggle. But I managed, hopefully I looked okay.

When the lady left us both alone. I asked, “Why did you introduce me as your colleague?” He replied, “Because you are in a bar where ‘gentlemen’ wants to have a ‘good’ time. If I do not pretend I got you here she may wonder who your handler is.”

So, I was in that kind of bar. Nothing wrong with that. “But you know I am not…”

He says, “Of course! Look at them!” I felt a bit insulted, and wondered if it was because I don’t have long thin legs or if I was to “work” I should’ve been in a less fancy bar.

He picked up my sudden change of mood. I must have a really expressive face or he is an empath. But he held my hand and said, “Hey, not because of the looks, I kind of get that you are not when you began talking about tech stuff and the books you read.”

Relieved or even more embarrassed, I don’t even know what to make out of his statement.

“I look and sound geeky?” I asked.

“No, not that too! I don’t know what more to say, but let us just settle that you are making me run out of words and that is exactly what made me realize that you are not “working.”

“…making me run out of words” — A guy like him is running out of words. Wow! “Impressive, bitch!” says the bigger bitch in my head.

“What about let us just go?” Says Adrian, who looks a little embarrassed but somewhat trying to hide a smile.

“Sure.” Was my calm reply. Obviously still clinging to the fact that I have a certain effect on him.

We arrived at his apartment at the “whatever-floor-of-whatever-tower” and I was impressed. Compared to the hotel room I got for my overnight stay, this is like a palace. I went close to the window and looked at the city lights below.

“Thank you for making me feel safe” I told him and he was already behind me and said, “Anything for you baby.”

I usually don’t like being called baby, unless it is someone I can say my boyfriend. I am no one’s baby, not a baby! No!

But this time I just let it slip.

“Now, I’ve been meaning to do this, can I kiss that smart mouth of yours?”

Before he even says anything more, I am already kissing him. I have also been wanting to do it for hours. But I wasn’t sure if it was the right move. But yeah, he tasted exactly the way I figured he would.

The heat was on, it was hard for me to kiss him since he is tall and I know he is having a hard time as well. So we went on to the leather couch and kissed and explored each other some more.

Tops off, “This guy must be hitting the gym daily.” That is all I can think of.

Came off the pants and… WOW!

That was my first time to be introduced to something I have not seen before. Underneath it all — the business suit while we were in the bar, this sex-god-like man was wearing a lace underwear thong.

I found it really erotic and as he looks down on me, asked, “You like it?” I said, “Oh boy!” It felt like Magic Mike just stepped into the room.

How the lace contoured his “package” was undeniably making the bigger bitch in my head shut up and jump for joy.

Problem was, I wasn’t wearing something that night to match his sexy underwear, I was on my usual black satin that I think I got for 2 pieces a dollar. But who cares, I am not going to see this man again. It is my fantasy that needs to be fulfilled tonight…

The next day, I swear I can hear my phone’s alarm going off. “Of fuck my flight!” My panic stopped for a while as I look at this handsome guy who wore a thong. I stared a minute or two. He finally woke up. He smiled, I smiled and told him, I need to go.

He volunteered driving me to the hotel to pick up my stuff and drive me to the airport. I declined. I begged him to just stay and sleep some more.

On my way out, he said, “You know I will see you next week right?”

I smiled back and said, “You wish!”

This article was written by Pat Bagano for Dude Undies.