Many thanks to Victor Asal and everyone who contributed to this list. It’s by no means complete and I’m happy to keep collecting and updating, so please feel free to comment with your suggestions. I sorted the movies into seven primary categories according to the suggestions (one of them is “uncategorized”), however, most movies can be used in multiple ways. I also include a short list of specific scenes and their potential teaching purposes. The last section lists TV show suggestions. …

The past few days have been very difficult. The events of Charlottesville have brought to life some of my worst post-election fears. Before you read any further, take 20 minutes to watch the video. Then come back here.

I imagine you’re angry. I imagine you’re sad. Good, so am I, so are millions of Americans. This crisis did not start on Friday. Millions of people of color in the US have been living this for there entire lives. This violent eruption — it’s been a long time coming.

I imagine you’re terrified of what you’ve seen and you feel…

If we’re friends on Facebook and that’s why you’ve ended up here reading this, then you know that every now and then when I really care about something I write about it (if you didn’t know, well now you know). This is another of these instances. The big difference is that today it’s far less about sharing a story than asking for advice. I’m not asking for a friend, but for myself, and I’m asking for advice on how to be a better colleague, a better ally, a better friend.

Last week I skyped with a good friend. We talk…

Robert Ulrich Nagel

Postdoc fellow at Georgetown University

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