Exoplanets Devouring The Atmosphere: What Have Astronomers Discovered?

Exoplanets have been a curiosity within the scientific community for a while. A study in 2014 found that 10% of exoplanets found with NASA’s Kepler Telescope were massive in size. To date, astronomers have discovered about 4,000 exoplanets, ranging from the size of Earth to that of Neptune. The discovery prompted scientists to deepen their investigation into what else exists beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It took decades of research into complex galaxies, encompassing exotic worlds beyond Earth’s solar system to explain the science of exoplanets. With their latest exploration of exoplanets, scientists have made a ground-breaking discovery.

Edwin Kite of the…

What the Biggest Physics Discoveries Mean for the Future of Science

Science is a field that’s fascinated people for thousands of years. The past decade of research has been especially fruitful-with the knowledge of exoplanets growing, lasers becoming faster and more powerful, and spacecrafts reaching beyond the farthest edge of Pluto, the 2010s answered questions and introduced many more about what lies beyond our atmosphere. The most significant discoveries, however, were in the realm of physics. Discovering the Higgs boson, directly detecting gravitational waves, and directly detecting the event horizon of black holes all have significant effects on the way scientists will go about their jobs moving forward into the 2020s.

Four Things to See in the Night Sky

The universe is vast and awe-inspiring. It’s a mystery that humanity has been intrigued by for thousands of years, yet we’ve only scratched the surface of what is out there to find. While not everyone can hop into a spacecraft and fly out to explore what’s beyond Earth’s atmosphere, we can see more than we think with either a small telescope in our backyard or the naked eye. So what exactly is out there for us to see?

Geminid meteor shower

If meteor showers are your cup of tea, then you’re in luck: from the beginning of to mid-December each year, you can…

NGC 6240: The Curious Case of Three Colliding Galaxies

NGC 6240 is one of the closest and most studied galaxies. It has a peculiar lobster shape that was considered to be a result of an amalgamation between two galaxies. NGC 6240 is situated in the Ophiuchus Constellation — more commonly known as the Serpent Holder — a mere 400 million light-years away. Hubble initially released its images in 2008, and from these images, astronomers assumed that the galaxy formed when two other galaxies collided. In the resulting merger, two supermassive black holes were observed amid the collision, moving closer and closer together.

However, a new study using the Very…

Space is such an enigma. There so many aspects of the universe that remain unexplored and offer unlimited potential. As such, it is a source of endless fascination for droves of spectators who are drawn to the complexities that are hidden within the cosmos and throughout its vastness. With that in mind, here are five stunning facts about space to contemplate.

The Sun’s Mass Accounts for Virtually All of the Mass Within the Solar System–No, that is not an exaggeration. The mass of the Sun, which is primarily composed of 75 percent hydrogen and more than 20 percent helium, consumes…

Most people know that all stars eventually die. With that said, when will the sun die, and what will happen as it starts to die? Luckily, most experts believe humans won’t be around to witness the death of the sun. In the past, astronomers believed that the sun would turn into a planetary nebula and a luminous bubble of gas and dust. However, recent evidence suggests this could happen differently.

Astronomers believe the sun is 4.6 billion years old. This information comes from gauging other objects in the solar system. Based on this information, researchers believe that the sun will…

Of course, when it comes to things like galaxies, the word “tiny” is relative. This heretofore unknown galaxy, christened Bedin I, is 3000 light years across. This means that it takes light 3000 years to cross from one end to the other. As for mileage, consider that one light year is 5.88 trillion miles.

But the galaxy is small in comparison to other galaxies. For example, the Milky Way, the galaxy where Earth is found, is 100,000 light years across.

Bedin I was discovered quite by accident. The Hubble telescope found it while it was looking for something else, which…

Thanks to technological improvements in digital photography, both professionals and amateurs are capable of shooting the stars without specialized equipment or software. Astroscapes, images with foreground landscape elements along with the night sky above, have surged in popularity. With the right equipment, one can capture stunning images of the night sky.

The first necessary item one will need for astroscape photography is, of course, a camera capable of shooting the images. A DSLR or mirrorless camera will be capable of shooting in RAW and will also have the capability to be set to a long…

The world’s top destination for vacations is a city of superlatives: “Most Excellent” overall and “Most Excellent” for dining and experiences, for starters. This outstanding locale is home to one of the world’s most remote national parks. It is at the southernmost point on the map of the United States…Key West.

Key West heads TripAdvisor’s 2018 list of Most Excellent Cities, surpassing destinations such as Reykjavik, Iceland and Edinburgh, Scotland as the number one spot to visit. This marks the eighth year that TripAdvisor, a leading travel site, has awarded Certificates of Excellence to global tourism locations that provide superior…

Hidden in the deepest reaches of Greece lies Milos, an island that contains some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. The island’s dramatic shoreline, boasting a variety of strange rock formations that offer great places to swim, is all thanks to centuries-old lava flow. Additionally, there are tiny beaches, sheltered coves, caves, tunnels, cliffs, and a fantastic blue sea.

Milos Beach

Although the beach is difficult to find and navigate, it is well worth the trouble when you are rewarded by discovering the breathtaking gentle waves, the crystal clear waters, and the amazing views. …

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