Trends in Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales benefit consumers by connecting them to a service or product. Marketers find which target market will bring the most revenue and create the most effective strategies to reach the selected market. The resources that marketers use to communicate their message changes daily.

One major change is how the travel industry is becoming paperless. From boarding passes to passports, travelers could have all their essentials on their phone and on their finger. Customers are now able to search, pay and check-in for their flight using only their mobile device. Boarding passes are now sent to customer’s phone in order for him or her to scan in.

Even passports could become obsolete throughout the globe. Australia has begun to use bio-metric scanning in place of passports. The customer would need to simply swipe their finger across the scanner for their information and qualifications to be read.

While companies need to understand the opportunity that digital strategies provide, they can’t eliminate personal connection completely. Customers are able to research, shop and pay all online. However, 73% of customers say they would prefer a human sales associate to ensure they are making a wise purchase.

The highest percentage of desired human interaction comes with unfortunate problems. 77% desire human assistance for just the potential of needing their help. When something does occur and customers need help, 83% want to speak to a human over a computer.

A psychologist has found the reason why so many potential customers can’t say no to the salesman. Robert Cialdini spent 10 years researching the affects a sales associate has on his or her customer. Cialdini found that the product or service itself is not what sells.

Instead, the customer buys into the salesman first. When a sales associate interacts with the customer in a friendly demeanor, the customer matches the comfort of the person with the product or service. The consumer feels like the opportunity would benefit them, if the salesman is connecting with them in a positive way.

Marketing and sales strategies constantly adapt to the way consumer’s act. It is important to best understand the latest trends in order to keep competitive advantage.

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