Story . Verse 13 “Very Superstitious”

Superstitious is defined as a belief in the mythical, irrational, illusory, groundless, unfounded. I might just be superstitious. When I look at the meaning of superstitious, I find words that describe just about anyone with a dream.

To be able to move forward in a positive and definitive direction toward a remarkable goal, one must be nearly insane. In this world, doubt is the currency used to fund the destruction of dreams. So to be able to believe in a dream one must be irrational and illusory. You must believe in the mythical.

To reach for the impossible, you must first believe, in some small way, that it is possible. Throw out complacency and enter into the insanity of self-belief. Welcome superstition.

Now I Am not talking about black cats and broken mirrors, but rather achievement against all odds and dreams made reality. You say the world can be healed with poetry. The world says your crazy. You act, regardless of the doubt of others and move forward delivering words of upliftment. Now that is a mythical act, a truth being created before the eyes of the disbelievers.

The only way I’ve survived the loss of my dear Mother, thus far, is through a belief in the mythical, the irrational, the illusory, the groundless, and the unfounded. No one has ever truly died and come back with evidence that immortality exists. However, the thought that my Mother is just gone and that there is nothing more once breath has left Her body is an earthly truth I cannot live with. So I must believe in that which has never been proven. I must believe that She is alive and well in my mind and heart and spirit. My life has been oh so significantly affected by the beautiful life She lived. Therefore I must accept that Her energy lives on.

So yes, I Am superstitious.

There is a small chance, that if you have a dream, that you too may be superstitious. Believe in the impossible and strive to walk in the path of your destiny and suddenly, mythically, and remarkably you will transform superstition into fact, disbelief into faith, dreams into reality.

I choose to believe in the impossibility of achieving both utter joy and total contentment in this lifetime. Who is with me?

The conversation begins.

Robert Young
Friday, January 13, 2017, 9:17am