Story . Verse 25 “Fate”

Accept your fate. Sometimes it seems so very hard to do but once you do you will be freed from the constant chatter in your mind. By accepting your fate, I do not mean accepting a lie but accepting the underlying truth.

At times in my life doubt has shown up at the end of a magnificent triumph. As I stand atop the hill of a major accomplishment the view is fantastic, it is miraculous, it is empowering. And then for some odd reason, I look down, and suddenly there it is, the feeling of unbalance. This drastic change of perspective is often enough to knock the wind out of your sails. It can make climbing to the mountaintop seem like it’s just not worth it.

Find peace in accepting your fate and by that I mean, know in your heart that you were meant for something great and that life is the road that will undoubtedly take you there, so long as you keep moving.

Accepting your fate does not mean being paralyzed by it. Fate never causes emotional paralysis, assumption does. When you accept your fate, you reside in a place free of assumption, and you can just Be. In that state of Being life will direct you to where you need to be in order to just Be.

Time and time again I can remember significant accomplishments that were, in the end, met with great fear. It was never about me or my fate, but the perceived illusion that reaching a height means there is a possibility of falling from it. But what if you imagined that the perceived impending fall was nothing more than an opportunity to spread your wings and fly? What if you accepted your true fate, that when you climb and achieve there is no falling, but rather, an opportunity to yet again rise to the occasion.

I choose to accept my fate and soar. Who is with me?

Robert Young
Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 1:53pm.