Story .Verse 28 “Act On Purpose”

To “Act On” is to take action in the light of. “Purpose” refers to the reason something is created. So what do I mean when I say, Act On Purpose? I mean for you to Take Action In The Light Of Your Creation.

There is no mystery in the fact that every single one of us was created for a purpose. The struggle to know one’s purpose can be a difficult one. The greater tragedy is to know your purpose and not act on it.

Want to get rid of the feeling of unfulfillment? Act On Purpose.

Want to wake up motivated in the morning ready to take on the world? Act On Purpose.

Want to save your Self from a life of regret? Act On Purpose.

Rather than Act On Purpose, many of us act on what comes naturally to us or what we’re good at, but these two elements alone are not enough to determine whether what you’re doing is your purpose.

For your actions to be purposeful, there must also be a deep seeded direct connection to genuine contentment in your times of rest.

When you work hard all day, focused and determined on the task at hand, and you finally arrive home to retire for the evening, are you restless or are you at restful? This simple test will reveal the truth in your life, a truth that will reshape your motivations going forward.

Now why Act on Purpose? Is it so that you can be content? No. That alone would be a self-serving perspective.

We Act On Purpose, for when we do, we encompass the very elements that birthed creation. We are the seed, we are the water, we are the soil, and we are the sun.

Act On Purpose and suddenly, incredibly, and remarkably purpose will act on you. Yes, creation will light you up so that you can become a guide for others in addition to your Self.

I choose to Act On Purpose. Who is with me?

The conversation begins.

Robert Young
Saturday, January 28, 2017, 10:42am

Post-Script; In Story Verse 24 “Purpose vs. Desire”, I speak to my discovery that my Purpose and my Desire are at war with one another and that this opened me up to the question of what to do and how to deal with it. I realize in my writing today is that, for me, Purpose is what should be done in the light of day, a state of consciousness and that I should endeavour to engage my Desire when I Am at rest, centering myself in the rising awareness of my unconscious mind. What a discovery!