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Imagine the Best Version of Yourself

Spending a great amount of time in my life feeling that I didn’t have much to offer to the world, much less people around me. I’ve felt completely comfortable drifting through life without “rocking the boat”. Living a life of mediocrity lead to me feeling unfulfilled and I began craving a life of fulfillment, excitement, and most importantly, value both for myself and to the world.

The desire to change (and acting on it) has led to a much more satisfying life, however there were (and still are) many challenges that arose (such is the case when you want to make any kind of change in your life) that I’m sure many of you can relate to.

Unsure of What (or if) We Have to Offer

To start, the fact that God took the time to mold us and breath life into us all shows that we all have some pretty special qualities, gifts, and talents in us that can and should be shared with the world. Finding out exactly the “what” is a journey that requires us to explore ourselves to find the things (it’s never just one) we love to do, situations we love to be in, and people we love to be around. Next, it requires experimenting to find what value we can create for the world and within ourselves. This means stepping outside of your comfort zone to search for random activities to do that could potentially lead to an undiscovered passion. This could mean getting into writing, crafting, playing a sport, cooking, or any number of things that don’t necessarily have to bring in financial income, but rather an income in the form of self-growth and passion.

Who Am I To…

In my experiences, this is a barrier that always manages to show up with the objective hinder any further progress in life; the thought that we have to be extremely gifted in order to find happiness or success in what we want to start doing is ludicrous. We must first start at zero (everyone does) when deciding to pursue anything and ensure that we are, in fact happy in what is is we are doing before even getting good at it.

You are more than capable of achieving success in what you love to do and even though the chances are great that what you want to do has already been done before, it hasn’t yet been done by you which, by itself makes it special.

Laziness (Yep, I said it!)

Finding what it is that brings you and the world value and having the confidence to succeed would be nothing without a motor. Sitting on a couch, watching television all day accomplishes nothing and takes time away from what you need to be doing. Lack of motivation and consistency is a major killer of any new idea, project, or change and without a clearly defined, purpose-driven goal, it can be quite difficult to find any traction. Being self-aware of who we are and what we desire is a key factor to us executing daily on the steps necessary to achieving that purposeful goal.

I believe that we should all envision the best possible version of ourselves and seek out and act on the steps needed to make it a reality. If he/she is an artist, start today and feed their creativity. If he/she is a writer, write your thoughts today and share some of them as well.

The world needs you to be the best version of you, and the closer you are to that, the happier you’ll be and the more value you will provide to the world.

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