Image Credit: Alex wong

Strength in Transparency

As an individual in the creative industry, I’m always searching for different forms of inspiration each day to become a better designer, writer, illustrator, etc. Thankfully, there are tons of inspiring creators out there who put out content for others to view, listen to, and watch in order for us to become better in our profession. I think there is a lot to learn from content creators — most of all is to be transparent.

Being completely open to other people for public viewing, consumption, and critique is something that many creatives fear and in many cases, it can hinder them from reaching higher levels in their field of creativity. I’m sure that other content creators have experienced fear in sharing their work (especially unfinished work) before they started to go public, and the process for them only got easier over time.

I think that there are many benefits in being transparent and sharing yourself with others, and in doing so you are

Inspiring Others to Do the Same

There is always an audience out there that finds your creative work, speaking, writing, or niche interest inspiring. The more people that you reach out to and share content with, the more value you are creating for them, and in turn, creating for yourself. In addition, you are giving others who may be hesitant, the courage to start sharing their work.

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

I was most inspired to become more transparent and sharing my passions and interests by reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and if you have time, I would highly recommend this quick read. It greatly changed my outlook as a creative and as a person overall. I’ve learned that not only would I be able to help others and bring value to their lives through social media platforms and sites, but I would also be able to translate that into

Better Human Interaction

Transparency can also be a difficult concept in building relationships with people we come across daily. It’s not easy to show weakness or share with others the obstacles that you may be facing, however allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a great way to build valuable relationships with amazing people and also allows you to help others by sharing your own personal experiences.

There is a lot of value in being transparent with the world and allowing others to consume what you have created or been through. Don’t allow fear to hinder you from putting out amazing things into the world. Yes, what you want to do has probably been done before, but it has not yet been done by you.

I had to find a lot of courage to start writing on Medium, but I can easily say that all of my worries have faded in the four weeks that I have been writing and I have no regrets and find it highly satisfying that others are viewing what I have created.

Instead of only consuming content, try creating and sharing for others to consume and gain value from what you do.