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The barriers (and benefits) of Habit Building

It is nine days into the new year and many people’s new years resolutions — while they started out with great intentions — may be starting to fade off a bit. They started out with great aspirations only to see their goals falling short in only the first month. This tends to happen not only when we make new years resolutions, but when we attempt to make any kind of drastic change in our lives, with the hopes of it becoming habitual.

As soon as you come up with a goal, the obstacles show up -Tony Robbins

It’s never easy seeing ourselves fall short of the goals that we have set out for our lives, especially when there are so many benefits that we envision coming from them. I believe that seeing the barriers that can hinder us from succeeding in establishing a new habit is a great way to continue when we are inevitably faced with them. From my personal experience, I can identify 3 major barriers that many people will be faced with on their journey.

1. Consistency and Planning

The new habit that you are seeking to implement in your life requires consistency, dedication and planning. It’s important that your new habit is implemented in your schedule and you know what time you are supposed to put work into maintaining your new lifestyle.

Now this can be hard if you are the only person that you know that knows what you are attempting. One great way to remain consistent in your new habit is to let other people know. Accountability is a force that will give you an enormous push when you feel that you cannot go any further in perusing your goals. Let at least 2 people in your life know what you are attempting to do and tell them to hold you accountable for doing just that, whether it is daily, or weekly, they will expect you to continue forward to success, and you certainly don’t want to let them down.

2. Not Seeing the Immediate Results

For many people who are seeking new physical habits, such as losing weight or getting faster or stronger, the lack of instant results may keep them from striving towards their goals. A big problem with this mentality is the desire to reach a designated level by a certain time, instead of planning for the new habit to stick for the rest of your lives. It’s far less stressful having a life-long goal and seeing small, steady progress, than working towards a goal only for a particular time or season.

If you truly want something to stick for the rest of your life, you shouldn’t be discouraged when it’s been only 6 months and you have only seen minute results. Don’t put a timeline on your habit. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

3. Not Believing In Yourself

Starting a new habit requires building a lot of mental strength for the long road ahead. You have to envision yourself being in the position that you desire, even if no one else does. It’s tough when you’re on this road for months with little progress, but it is important to believe in yourself each and every day as you work towards something great. Believing in yourself is an exercise that must be worked on daily like any other physical workout regimen. You can do this with daily meditation and envisioning yourself succeeding each and every day.

The strongest muscles are not physical.Courage is a muscle. Faith is a muscle. — Tony Robbins

Forming new habits may be a tough journey, but when we stick to them, we can improve so many things in our lives. Not only that, but the constant self-improvement will lead to us being in a better position to provide more value to other people in the world. There will be struggles

I hope that this article has helped you along with either your new years resolutions or new habit building. If you have faced any other challenges with building new habits, please share them below in the comments below. You can also share this article with others.

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