I would like to provide a few thoughts to this author that might help him sleep better at night.
Jason Haller

You have to be kidding. Numbers of gun-owners are declining. They just buy more guns each. Plenty of state and local police are Oath-Takers already committed to violence in defense of an authoritarian government. And then there are the militia, the KKK, and various self-annointed defenders of privilege, not to mention goons who can be hired to beat e crap out anyone disfavored by leaders wanting to keep their hands clean

But why are we speaking of only physical violence? What of the violence of repression via surveillance, service provision and job discrimination on the basis of political beliefs, and the general corruption and coarsening of our culture that always infects a one-party regime? Your chemical-explosion hardware will be for naught in an information environment, a society, a shared “reality' saturated with love for The Big Man and his caring for us.

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