The Future of Parsippany

February 15, 2017

Growing up in Parsippany was great! Parsippany was a large community, but it had so much pride that it felt like a small town. I spent my days with friends that lasted my entire life. My parents still live in the home where I was raised. My wife and I wanted nothing more than to raise our family in the town that gave so much to me.

Ever since I was a small child, I remember wanting to help people and to work with the public long before I knew I was going to have a career in finance and banking. Maybe it was the lollipops or the pretzel sticks when my parents took me to the bank? Whatever the reason, it stuck with me. I worked as a bank teller during high school, and spent my college days preparing to become the finance executive I am today.

I am a proud graduate of Montclair State University with a BS degree in Management, and Fairleigh Dickinson University where I earned an MBA in Corporate Finance. My experience at these fantastic educational institutions, so close to home, enabled me and my wife to build our lives in Parsippany, as I hope my own 4-year-old son, Little Robert, is able to do one day.

My wife and I decided to make Parsippany home for our family. We were married in Parsippany, bought our first home in Parsippany and built a life in Parsippany — right next to my parent’s home so I could be there to help them as they get into their later years.

This is the same commitment that I’ve made to my career and to our community.

I hope to make just that type of opportunity available to all Parsippany residents, with a more responsible government, more transparency, and greater community involvement in academic and service programs.

It is for those reasons, and many more, that I will be making an announcement at Embassy Suites Parsippany on Friday, February 17th at 7:00-PM.

I hope you can join me Friday night for a conversation about the future of Parsippany — and to spread the word to all our neighbors and friends that we are on the cusp of a new day for our town — a Parsippany where EVERYONE has a voice and vision for a greater future for our town, our family, our friends and our children.

Yours for a better Parsippany,

Robert J. Peluso, Council VP

For more information, please contact 973–747–5617 or

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