I’m not sold on using what were once considered shock words in settings like this.
j wojewidka


Really? I’m a millennial working at a startup and have more sense than that (trust me, that’s very little sense). Stop wasting this creative genius’ time by trying to put him down so you can receive exposure and “recommends.” Do it how it is supposed to be done and create original content. Create a calendar, publish regularly, and soon you will see that you’re gaining traction by using that tactic (learned from one of Jon’s posts last week).

Don’t mean to be harsh but don’t take advantage of someone who is nice enough to respond to every single comment by writing something rude, abrasive, and disrespectful. If the “F” word is going to drive away one of his customers, fuck it! No disrespect to customers at all but we are all grown here and we can all express ourselves as we please.


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