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2016 is the social media battle of creativity. The stakes are brand loyalty and employee advocacy.

I loved when you said advertising is dead but creativity is thriving. This is especially true with Social Media Advertising.

For example, tweaking a visual depiction into a brief cut of interactive content can mean the difference between winning or losing a campaign or even exceeding quota for the quarter.

We’ve come to a juncture where big time brands are either going all in, across all social media platforms and dumping big money into R&D or they’re avoiding it altogether or event worst: giving off a weak ‘social media vibe.’ It’s hurting their reputation more than they can imagine.

It’s also important to remember that you must be more than creative. It’s imperative to have your network so your work gets the exposure it deserves.

Since 2016 hit, though, it seems as if a genuine effort is being exerted by a majority of big dogs so its now a battle of creativity to see whose brand receives the most exposure.

The brands who have achieved a captivating UX within the platform is when I consider them to be very creative. If you are seeking business growth and not prospecting social media networks for leads, I suggest you start. My company, iSymbolize Media is based off the premise that 80% of social introductions generate a sale.

Quick exercise: Think of any commodity item (@Bounce and @Oreo for example) and analyze their social media presence. You’ll notice the ones with the larger follower bases are the ones using creative content and implementing it in an innovative manner.

Can’t think of a brand, here’s a few powerhouses:

I think you get the point.

What’s Next?! In my opinion, this has fueled the live streaming trend which has completely disrupted social media as we know it.

Adapt fast, though: Darwinism is found in its purest form in the social media jungle.

Survival Of The Fittest.

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