Why federalism is key to restoring civic connectedness and faith in the American government
Mike Lee

I once had a large grant when I worked for the Administration for Children and Families that was built on the foundation of Federalism and community. I believe that both are important, but do not agree with your narrow definition of community. A community of people only need have a shared interest and while the full group of Facebook does not meet the definition of community certainly large segment of it do.

There are many things local governments can do better than the federal government, but there are many they either can’t or for the history of the country have chosen not to do well or at all.

Having spent most of my adult life in service to the country and my community I am grateful for the community Facebook and social media offers. I am saddened that it is reflective of our country as a whole and the freedom people feel to YELL on social media and even in town halls. If you want to improve the way we work as a community and add compassion as a must in not only our discussion, but our policy then I’m in. If you want to use it as an excuse to end federal programs that have done what states and communities have failed to do then I’m not in.

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