For you, who shall remain unnamed and all the beautiful moments that we have given to chance.

I hope, that one day soon
All of life,
Might more accurately resemble the festival.
& how it is that we get to get along there, So well together.
In those wet fields and warm mornings,
With my favorite crowd of drunkards,
That hold between them such neon nights.
That stretch out from the inside,
For what seems like, in hindsight,

We built a blissful bonfire there together,
In the dance halls, Glittering and glowing.
syncing in with the surrounding feet
linking in with the rhythms beat.

Wandering the well worn woods
 for hour after imperceptible hour,
Living alone by the mainstage 
with all the other happy people, 
Singing songs that I don’t know the words to
And neither do you as we sing along together.

Down there by the funfair,
With all the lunatics losing their minds,
This ones for all those young ones roaring their way through the chaos,
Trying through trail and error to make it,
And sometimes getting lost,
Because they don’t always know what’s good for them yet.
And judging by evidence
a fair few of the older folks have still to find what’s good for them too.

All of us, huddled and spread out there together
in that lightly lit refugee camp.
All trying to find the vibes that rhyme,
To the sounds of the good times.
And if you can manage to make yourself a cozy little spot
Where which you can give out your best to the others,
Wave, say hello or at the very least smile,
You and I, we’ll find what we’re looking for
As it waits for us, 
To get it together like never before.

We have been given such days these days,+
in which we can build beautiful things,
No matter which way or how the hard the wind blows.
Because in getting up high you don’t always have to go in a straight line.
Sometimes it works out best to go in sideways,
In and up, from an obtuse angle.
Sometimes you get it right,
& it goes up all at once 
Like a bombastic explosion
Of pure unadulterated craic.

One time, I found that place next to a water tap,
At the base of a steep hill,
Under a big old tree,
Leaning on a fence post.

Watching all the soggy people mow by,
Saying hello, how’s it going? 
Leant in on the evenings sie.
Occasionally scabbing a smoke,
Always with a smile and a few words about the night,
To the fellow travelers as they first copped the sight
Of this massive bloody-hill.

It was so nice,
To lean there against the oncoming tide,
Watching this beautifully jaded night roll on by.
Interlacing with occasional “how you getting on? Yeah you alright?”
I found such honestly good people 
at the base of that muddy mountains’ height.
For me, that time was a deeply precious and beautiful vibe
As the moon beamed a full and luminous white
Hanging royally above the camp lights, in the center of the sky.

And I am eternally thankful for those moments of respite,
Because iside the arena was a complete and utter mess,
Set to the tune of the Chaos vibe.
But we won’t go into too much of that detail here.
Mustn’t be ragging on the sesh when you’re knee deep in it,
Shouldn’t be moaning when the others around you are in need of a helping hand to get by.
At the very least a few words of encouragement 
With which to scale the mountain high.+

So I propose a toast,
To the linking-in of anothers vibe.
While we’ve still time to craft the art of be alive
For the sake of god 
Or whomever else there is left to sing to.
For the sake of the animals,
Who have all but yet died.

Here’s to time we spend getting it together,
For the sake of vibes that still survive.
For the cold nights we’ve still to face
And the mountains we’ve yet to climb
Hold tight & have faith
that these songs were born for the sunshine.

Just so long as we cop it,
When we return to the factories floor.
Just so long as you remember that it weren’t all for nothing,
All that rubbish won’t have gone to waste.
Just so long as you keep that fragile vibe alive in the meantime

The one that we built there together
In that damp field that time,
Just so long as you realize.
That we are shitting where we eat
& together we’ve lost control of that filthy business
“Someone else will take care of the waste” 
Is overflowing our campsite in shite.
& we keep getting fucked up to allay the taste.
To convince ourselves another world is possible,
Even if it’s a blurred and boisterous mess.

But we don’t have to live like that anymore,
We have the technology to build a better session now
We can have it in whatever tempo you prefer
But we going to need you there, if this melody is to occur.

If only you and eye could get some room to breathe 
Away from endlessly jealous machines
Some space and time enough to clearly see,
The difference between, the rubbish and the trees.

And when the slow, unfolding chaos of commuting 
does such as its want and gets in the way,
We have ways of crafting our carnivals all the same.
Because we’ve come together under one roof more than once before,
Even if now peace is a whisper and chaos roars.

Even if the task ahead is the daunting, dredd in the night
Even if the drone of old news is drowning out the light
We know how to catch the wind 
That flows beyond the darkest heights.

We know share the load that we must carry
With the pleasant company of strangers
in good health, humour and outlook. 
We know how to dance in the dark,
How to outlast the night.
How to build new worlds,
That run off the starlight.

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