The end result is always the same. You become weak. You torpidly accept that you’re good enough if you tweet the right political messages, and then you give consent to the lupine whims of manipulative thought leaders who say nice things. And there’s always the rotten face of death lurking behind the platitudes.
Dark Virtue

Good analysis, but I’d go further and say the same lethal weakness has already taken root in the culture as a whole by the time it gains the potential to poison the individual in such a way.

Whether it’s on a conscious or subconscious level, once a culture begins the process of decline in earnest, the natural, inevitable course of the collective consciousness behind it is for ideology and policies to lean deathward. Unfortunately, the form Western civilization took in these past two centuries since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution up to the awkward shift into post-industrialism seems to have run its course. A civilization-scale collapse is inevitable sooner or later no matter what form it ends up taking. Thus “Social Justice” as we know it is a naturally occurring death cult of cultural suicide under the guise of “well-meaning Progressivism”.