The Orwellian doublespeak has gotten very strong with this demographic.
Jason Stauffer

Some are just playing coy about their Marxist (quickly becoming Maoist or Stalinist) sympathies when directly asked while knowingly acting them out under the guise of this strain of mid to late 2010s “right side of history” style “liberalism”. Others are genuinely unthinking enough to buy into this Josef Stalin in donkeys clothing “liberalism” without making the connection, or even sincerely denying it outright if it’s pointed out to them.

Mediocre would-be intellectuals who see their graduate degrees, well-paying corporate positions, and/or urban existences as making them some kind of divine celestial beings compared to those impoverished inbred uneducated racist redneck mongrels populating the rural flyover states are especially susceptible to this kind of ideological chicanery. These are of course, gross caricatures, but contemporary American pop culture and mass media promote shallow ideological tribalism so the least nuanced caricatures are mostly what ideologues think in terms of. If one sees themselves as being the intellectual and moral better of millions of others, then why would there be a need to critically examine their own ideology? Better to cook up Saturday morning cartoon fantasies about being a righteous, infallible, invincible, Nazi-punching Avenger, because they might as well be true, right?

I would posit that this infantile Disney-Marvel fanfiction mindset being so prevalent in one form or another, even among those who take themselves seriously as political thinkers, is what allows the kind of cognitive dissonance represented by this propaganda masquerading as a parlor game to run roughshod over contemporary political discourse.