The Little Mermaid invented the Internet.
You Are Asking Medium To Go Outside of What It Knows.
Tim Barrus

Technically, the Department of Defense created the internet and it used to be called ARPAnet, but it certainly would be like our good chums @ Medium to disneyfy it that way.

Before it got out of hand and turned into this mess, it was just a tool for sharing things like technical information, case files, or narcing on people. Just a total copshop run by some government funded eggheads. In a way, I think they’re pining for the spirit of those times, even if they aren’t aware of them.

Although they’re trying to have fun with their attempts at reining the internet in and prettying it up into this bland and inoffensive retro-chic thing where some vaguely defined AMAZING thing is supposed to be in the works, you’re completely right about it just being more blustering and posturing that essentially just sets more of the same senile old keepers at the gates while promising that “baby, it’ll TOTALLY be different this time, I swear!”

It’s like Operation Paperclip (look it up), but instead of nazi scientists we’re getting old media staffers. Another failed regime, more swapping of leftover human resources. How trendy. How fashionable. The late 40s and 50s are in this season I see.

Sometimes fashion isn’t all that different from fascism.