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You’re on the right track by admitting that there’s a problem and that it needs to be addressed, but I think using words like “idiocracy” and “lunatics” is dangerous in that it relegates the entirety of the problem to a silly fringe group that doesn’t understand what it’s doing when it’s becoming and has already become so much more than that.

The lean toward authoritarian politics should be scary, because it is. However, it shouldn’t be dismissed as the ravings of an incoherent, unenlightened, vocal minority. There are very real, cogent reasons for people losing faith in the centrist status quo to the point where people like Donald Trump have been elevated from being cartoons a few years ago into winning the primaries now. You said it yourself; things that seem like unshakable stability and continual progress from an insulated perspective seem like signs of the apocalypse from a less insulated one — and not even a significantly less insulated one at that.

This isn’t just happening in a vacuum. Years of disaffection with the way this country and the world have been run have led up to this. The failures of career politicians everywhere have led up to this. That’s the part that shouldn’t be ignored. Yes, there’s a looming disaster in the rise of fascist ideologues like Trump, but the stability we thought we had up until now was a rapidly-disintegrating illusion as well, and no one’s taken any genuine, believable, or significant steps towards solving any problems. All we’ve ever really gotten have been small steps and platitudes. Incrementalism only feels like progress when you’re on the right side of it, and that side seems to shrink with each passing day. Entropy is far more fast-acting and far-reaching.

I don’t think anyone’s done enough to truly stop any of this, and I don’t think anyone will no matter who wins the election because everyone in a position to stop it is either complacent or profiting off the chaos. Yes it’s terrible, but I can understand why these people want to see the world burn — because it’s already been burning for years and no one’s done a damn thing about it. And make no mistake, they know exactly what they’re doing. They want to pour gasoline on the fire because everyone’s laughed at them for years for even acknowledging that there was a fire.

Even referring to them as “them” is wrong in a sense. It’s not an us vs. them thing, really. It’s an everyone vs. everyone else thing, and there’s no winning there. We’re all losing now because we’ve all already lost so many times leading up to this.