Why It’s OK to Show Your Anger
Mark Suster

Trumps primary, no entire, argument for why he is qualified to be president is because he’s “very rich” and by extension therefore ‘very smart’. He touts his business acumen. Why is he not grilled on what he has actually accomplished in business to qualify him as commander in chief? I’m sorry, but making millions in commercial real estate may be beyond the average idiot, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take millions of your daddy’s money and daddy’s NY real estate and turn it into more millions. The only publicly available evidence we have of his business acumen is the 1 company he took public “Trump Hotels and Casino resorts”. In 10 years of operating his company turned a profit exactly zero times — 10 straight years of losses and 3 bankruptcy filings… all while Trump took home $4+M each year in salary and bennies including charging shareholders for his private jet and crew. Shareholders stuck holding the bag. This is the only evidence we have of his management skills. the only publicly traded company he has every run lost over $1B. Really? This is his management track record? This qualifies him to be president? Donald has money, he has fame, what he is after now is simply power. God help us all if he gets access to the big red button!

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