From “In-the-business” to “on-the-business” . . .

As the co-founder of a moderately successful business, I have had the somewhat humbling experience of being told what to do. During a recent off-site with this exceptionally capable and motivated team, I was delightfully told to stay out of the weeds (“in-the-business”) and focus my energy telling the world what has made us who we are (“on-the-business”).

We have a curious, agile team that is courageously empathetic to clients and each other, stitching an incorruptible moral fabric. We have been adept problem solvers, building trust with our valued clients that struggle with never ending demands of cybersecurity. We now know exactly how we want to portray ourselves and offer to the broader market at large.

This month, we are officially are announcing our Orchestrated Response & Intelligence Services offering to develop and continually manage security play books. Automation of these pre-defined, repeated tasks help give security teams a fighting chance against attackers on the cyber front, where the are more asymmetrical than the upcoming Money Fight.

I am excited about the personal challenge to transform my company focus on creating internal processes on very rational basis into scribing words to elicit emotional responses. If interested to hear more, or perhaps complain about your seat assignment on the way to Las Vegas, you can escape from the noise and chaos of Black Hat by visiting our cabana at the Moorea Beach Club.

More the come . . .