Do You Believe In Life After Depression?

One of the hardest things in life is confronting yourself when you’re facing your hardest times. Fight or flight very much is an instinct when finding ourselves down the gutter and in the middle of a crisis. Many of us will choose to ignore these questions brewing inside of us and simply say it isn’t the time, that they’re not essential. Few of us will be brave enough to recognise them as the essence of the issue at hand. We are actively battling the symptoms yet we’re passively acknowledging the cancer itself feeding away at our core. We’ll keep moving forward, ignoring the heavy lump in our chest which exhumes a constant essence of discomfort, and we’ll not once to stop questioning ourselves why it is there and why we’re so uncomfortable discussing it.

It isn’t easy, picking the hardest fight. One way of thinking would be that we have to build up our strength and pick easier targets first before tackling the big boss. Sadly enough, you’ll never be truly ready to face off against that Prime Evil living within you. The battle will never get easier and nothing will prepare you for what you’re going to have to do to get through it without too much of you getting lost in the process. Not all of you will make it out of there, just hope you’re in tact enough to consider it a victory when all is said and done.

But how do you pick up your life afterwards? For years, you just focused on beating this one arch-nemesis, this one evil which has dominated your life, has been so prominent in your everyday life and now it is gone, what are you to do? Does life go on after nearly dying? Does that lump that once was there ever go away or is it like a piece of it stayed after all? Did you not get all of it out? Did you lose the battle after all? Perhaps you were too late, and it metastasized through your body?

Let me ease your thoughts with blunt honesty and kindness. The lump may have been there in the past, but it is gone now. It is your person that is now infected by it. You have grown accustomed living with it and it has affected you and the way you live. It is up to you to pick up the pieces and slowly start the rehab. It is a fight that will never truly end because one misstep can cast you back down that pit, can get you infected again. However, the battle becomes easier because you lived. You learn over time and you gain experience, recognizing situations and learning who you truly are as a person. You come to terms with certain things and you start to see where to take a stand.

Over all, the most important thing is to act to yourself with kindness and patience. This might be the hardest task of them all, but it is the very essence of this struggle. Be gentle to yourself and learn to listen to your body and your emotions. In the past, it might have been easier to shut them out or ignore their cries, blaming the crisis you were facing. Now, you have to deal with all the pains and issues you’ve been ignoring for such a long time, coming to terms with your weaknesses and insecurities. Do not run. Listen. Your body, your emotions, they already know the answers. All you’re required to do is to stop listening to that little voice in your head and let them do the talking. Do not deny them or doubt them. Listen, understand and act.

Is there a life beyond depression?
Yes there is, as long as you’re the one living it.
Stop surviving and start learning how to live.