The Unbearable Homogeneity of Design
Morgane Santos

I don’t think it’s the dribbblization effect that is causing this; it’s data and testing (especially with websites). The homogeny is caused by countless iterative layers of how a human interacts with the experience, the best interactions are winning. Even in logo design we see the lowercase trend to try and humanize a brand in order to make it more approachable (its working). When it comes down to it, design serves a purpose outside of an individuals creative subjectivity on what they should create. We are in a data driven design age, the places where you get creative to add an accent to all of this are in the established constructs of type, colour, shapes, and photography for instance. It’s easy to design when all you are using are set rules of layout and auto selection palettes, whats hard is making a relationship between all these elements of content so you have a unified structure of communication happening. Why am I using pink? Why is she smiling in the image?, why am I using Helvetica?, why am I using circles? The internet connected us, it democratized design, and this is now the result, it doesn’t mean you can’t tweak inside the lines, inevitably you are just adding to more homogenization ;) so until the medium of what you are designing for changes, we’ve reached saturation point on the higher echelon of good design. You should probably start moving you attention to VR if you want to design something different. The good news is this, there is still plenty of shitty design in the world, and things that can be made to look better, we should be taking our magic wands to the masses that don’t know and proving to them how good design can increase their bottom line.