Burst of Fresh Energy with Black Coffee

Robin Ehsan
May 22 · 2 min read

Will Ready is ready to make you move again. The R&B and Soul veteran is back again to rock your floors and your beds. He is geared for private shows and his new album hits the market late 2019. Will has been teasing to make an album deriving from his 2015 hit single Black Coffee. He already has the merch printed and up for sale on his website.

Will Ready

If you do not know about Will, let us give you a quick review. Will started his music career in early 2000s. He is a revivalist of the Soul beats of the 80s, inspired from artists like Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass. Anyone who likes Marvin Gaye will love Will Ready. He fills up the hole left in the Soul Scene by Teddy and Marvin. Like the legends of the genre, Will writes his songs mostly on sex. The whole allure of soul music is about mystical experiences of intimacy among middle-aged adults. Will’s music is a necessity for romantic candle light dinners, couple-time in the Bathtub, slow dancing in the dark, or just pure skin-to-skin warmth on the bed.

Soul music is Purist as it comes and what better way to light up your party than to have a maestro live. Will Ready is willing to play for you live. Purism is a tough path to walk considering everyone in the entertainment industry has sold their souls to computer techniques. Anyone over the age of 30 knows, when mankind came up with the best tunes. That is the 80s. So if you love music, you definitely love the 80s beats. It might be 60 years away, but you can bring back the 80s for you and your friends because of Will Ready. Will and his band, Ready Music Group, actively plays gigs all over the USA. Go to his website and see if you can scoop him up for a date. Hire a musician to be your right-hand man into loving the person of your choice. You check him out on YouTube.

Black Coffee is an astounding album by Will Ready

Will’s new Album promises to shine with 10 new tracks. If you want to listen to the new tracks head on over to Will’s SoundCloud, you can listen to them free. And you will need them in the future, so I suggest you get a copy of Black Coffee. Because sex will never go out of fashion and neither will 80’s soul Music.

Robin Ehsan
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