How to Raise Amazing Children — Part 1

We hear this all the time: Children are amazing. But have you taken the time to really get at what EXACTLY is amazing about children? As a teacher, I would suggest that the children who would be defined as amazing are ones who are able answer questions through the lens of their personal experiences, even at their young ages. Their minds offer different perspectives and can generate amazing solutions because they are not bogged down by fear of giving the wrong answer or an ‘awareness’ that there can be only one solution to a problem.

So the following are some ways we go about raising amazing children: — Look at their environment — at school and at home, are your children surrounded by open ended items in the room? In my classroom, there are a set of wooden blocks, a basket of puppets, some seashells, a bookshelf of books, and some pillow to sit on and an area where we have all kinds of art supplies and paper that is easily accessible to them. I have 13 children in my class and each day I am AMAZED by what the ideas they have generated in that event. We worked on a jungle theme one month and we are in the middle of an outer space theme right now.

– Time for play and fantasy: I find many times, this happens after we read a story or we learn a new song or two, that over the next weeks those topics will show up in their imaginative play.

– Independence: now please do not misunderstand. We have rules of the classroom. We have clean up songs and we use a rain stick to notify the class that it is time for transition. We use manners in the classroom and are encourage helping each other to do the same. But aside from these basic ‘rules, the students have the freedom to engage in the classroom and come up with their own ideas during large gaps of times in the day

We will talk more on this in part 2 of this article