Looking for your Creative Voice Like your Life Depends on It

I have written a ton about creativity. Mostly I wrote about it out of necessity. I needed to process for myself how one finds her creative voice. It seems strange I know with so much written on this topic. But when I began my search over 10 years ago, the topic was not as widely talked about. And creativity was not something one pursued. You either were pegged as a creative very young in your life or you weren’t. And there seemed to be no way to change that.

Once I really felt confident about defining myself as a creative person I felt an obligation to go back and find out who else may be struggling with finding their creative voice. So I began writing about it and I tried offering workshops to help with the process. After years of having this magical vision with no real traction, I heard the whispers to go younger with the opportunities I offered. First I started offering art birthday parties for kids. Then I moved into teaching art in after school programs. I still do that now. And I love it. I love seeing kids who don’t have the artist ‘label’ creating and reexamining the labels being put on them.

My first love though is for that one just like me, who feels something stirring inside that she wants to express but has no language for it yet. My gateway to expression has always been writing. I had to put it away for awhile because it felt too comfortable and what I knew I needed to explore was uncomfortable. But lately I decided to marry the two — my love for writing and my desire to find that one who needs her creative voice nurtured — and so here is where I will be writing to you. I hope you will join me.


How to Move Deeply into Your Creative Voice

We will explore the beauty of creativity, creativity as an act of worship, God’s creative voice and how you fit in to all of it through opening up and sharing your creative voice.

This is my hope for you. That as you journey through these next few weeks, you will have a sense of how GOD has gifted you with a creative capacity that is uniquely yours. Maybe you ALREADY have a sense of where you thrive creatively. This may be an opportunity to incorporate this section of your life into your spiritual practice. This may be a time to try a new creative medium. Whatever place you find yourself, remember during this point in time in your life that you journey through these conversations as YOU NEED TO.

Just so we are clear about what I mean by creativity, here is a SHORT LIST of what I consider creative outlets:

Drawing, Painting, Mosaics, Sewing, Cooking, Clay, Photography, Decorating, Jewelry making, Baking, Scrapbooking, Writing, Music, Poetry, Knit/crochet, Needlepoint, Yoga, Teaching, Gardening, Singing, Songwriting, Homemaking, Teaching Sunday School

Ready to Begin?