I wonder

I often wonder if you think of me as much as I think of you.

If you check on me as much as I check on you.

If you miss me the way I miss you.

Do you have these fleeting memories of how it used to be?

Or do they last all day, the way they do for me?

Do you sometimes want to give me a call?

And as you’re dialing remember we have nothing at all?

After everything we’ve been through, after all of this time,

Do you dread the inability to rid me of your mind?

I wonder how long, until I forget

How beautiful it was when we first met

But these moments are etched in my mind like a song

A chorus of how we fell in love, and how it all went wrong

Often consumed by notions of ‘What if?’

I am plagued by these visions caught up in the mist.

Sometimes I think that our thoughts cross paths,

In an eternal pursuit that’s not meant to last

For I dream that one day I’ll be with you again…

But I wonder if you even think of me now and then.