Employer Hiring Trends for 2016 — What You Need To Know

Robin Ryan
Apr 25, 2016 · 3 min read

Hiring high quality talent tops the list of many employers in 2016. The companies’ recruiters and HR teams are searching LinkedIn, going to professional association conferences, and employing targeted research to find good candidates.

According to a recent survey conducted by Glassdoor, 45% of employed people say they are currently job hunting or plan to search for a job in 2016. So if that is you, here are some key things that employers say about recruiting and hiring trends you should think about.

1. Job seekers are considering a company’s culture. Today’s applicant is savvy and has been actively researching a company before accepting a job. They are networking with colleagues for more insider information. 77% of employed candidates are using social media for information on a potential boss and reading reviews on Glassdoor for details on what employees say about the company they work for. Bottomline: culture counts when you are making a job change.

2. Employers offering transparency will have the recruiting edge. Do you get nervous when you can’t find much information about a company? When information is hidden, it can be a red flag. Candidates want more openness about an organization they are about to join. Hiring managers that are frank and discuss what is working and what needs to be improved are likely to see more high quality candidates showing interest in their job openings.

3. Equitable salaries are key. The employed candidate has a distinct advantage: he or she already has a paycheck and does not have a big need to accept any job offered. 68% of candidates say that compensation is among their top considerations before accepting a job. Today, there is more information on pay inequality in the news. More articles are being written about salary negotiations, a topic thoroughly covered in the new edition of the book 60 Seconds & You’re Hired. Women and men will try harder to obtain a top dollar salary before moving on to a new employer.

4. Benefits and perks will matter more. Individuals will be paying more attention to the benefits and perks offered. Expect tech and other magnet companies to offer more appealing incentives to join their organization, such as paid maternity/paternity leave. My clients have been successful in obtaining signing bonuses (where none was originally offered) and additional vacation time. The candidate needs to know what they value and ask for it.

5. Job searching on mobile devices will only increase. Although I recommend you not do this, employers are saying that applicants are definitely looking and applying from mobile devices. Being able to customize your applications and cover letter plus tweak your resume is hard to do off a phone. Not all companies have their complete website available on mobile so it is wise to use a desktop/laptop to see and use the complete website. You’ll be better able to review the job opening, research company news and then target your application for the job you are applying for.

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Robin Ryan is a career counselor offering individual services including Interview Coaching and Resume Writing. She is a Speaker and the bestselling author of seven career books including 60 Seconds & You’re Hired and Over 40 & You’re Hired. She has appeared on 1500 TV and radio shows including Oprah, Dr Phil, CNN and ABC News. CLICK HERE to get her 10 page article “HIRED — Using the Hidden Job Market”.

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