Job Hunting on LinkedIn

Do you know how to effectively use LinkedIn for your job search? There are five key ways:

  1. Have an optimal Profile so that recruiters will find you
  2. Network with former bosses, colleagues and friends
  3. Meet new people who help with your search
  4. Search jobs and apply
  5. Check Out Hiring manager before Interview

Knowing how to maximize the use of this terrific resource can definitely aid you in landing a new job. Here’s the specifics on each of the five ways.
#1 Have an optimal Profile so that recruiters will find you
The job market now has social media recruiters and HR staff who spend hours each day on LINKEDIN searching for job candidates. According to a recent survey by JobVite, 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates and contact them via LinkedIn. Unfortunately unless you have a well-defined Profile with a strong headline and your skills laid out showing your top results, recruiters will not find you. Employers don’t want to see your job descriptions. They respond to your noted accomplishments that you have achieved working at your jobs. Also, be sure you have a professional picture of you smiling and looking friendly, like someone people would enjoy working with.

#2 Network with former bosses, colleagues and friends
63% of all jobs are found through networking according to the Department of Labor. Expanding your network of contacts is essential. But just going online and signing up for LinkedIn won’t do it. This takes time, effort and some savvy direction. Start by expanding your connections. Having at least 350 is the goal. Then look at where people are working now. IS someone at a company you’d like to work for? If so, shot them an email and ask for a brief conversation say 15 minutes. Connect with friends, former bosses and colleagues to learn where they are and let them know you are job hunting. The final strategy is to use the network to forward your resume to hiring managers so you get seen for a job you plan to apply for.
#3 Meet new people who help with your search
You can search LinkedIn and find people in your network who are employed where you hope to get hired. Ask these people for insider information about the company, department, job and boss. If they don’t know much, request the name of someone they know who may be more knowledgeable. Also look up old friends and co-workers to connect with. Search your former employers and college to connect with people you have lost touch with. Be bold and ask a new person you find if they would help you. The connection may come from any source, such as you both went to the same college. Your goal is to meet potential managers and these new people can help you do that if you make the effort to find them.
#4 Search jobs and apply
LinkedIn’s jobs typically are for mid-career and senior people. The jobs usually pay over $90K. The application goes to the actual recruiter or, HR person or hiring manager that placed the ad. To search for positions, start in the ADVANCED search section. Be sure it’s in the JOBS tab. Then type in the name of the job in the TITLE box. Don’t use it as a keyword. You’ll get closer hits searching the job titles you want. You can add your zip code and hit search and you’ll find the right matches for your desired job. Be sure to check this site weekly and don’t bother with alerts. Alerts typically miss many of the good jobs you’d want, so check it yourself to ensure you find all the opportunities.
#5 Check Out Hiring Manager before Interview
When you get called in for an interview, be sure you get the name and the spelling of the hiring manager. Go to that person’s LinkedIn profile and learn more about them. What kind of a manager are they? Do they have rave endorsements? What else can you find about their company? This extra step will enable you to be more prepared for your interview and know more about the company culture and if this is a manager you want to work for.
LinkedIn is a powerful resource. Remain realistic — it is only a tool to aid you, but it is most definitely a job search technique you should use.
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