What HR Recruiters Are Talking About

Over 1400 HR recruiters filled the auditorium for the Society of Human Resources conference devoted to recruiting. Hundreds attended my workshop that I just gave at the SHRM Talent Management National Conference in Chicago last week. I was able to share my knowledge with eager recruiters. And I am summarizing here what recruiters were learning and talking about.

BIG DATA is coming on strong

Expect to see more test and specialized assessments as companies embrace making selection choices based on the big data they now are acquiring. Data also tells the company how much it costs to fill a job and time to find a fit. That influences the salary a company pays to find the talent they need.

Video Job Postings are coming

Companies think these video posts help you learn about their culture and brand. Expect to see smaller and midsize organizations jump on this trend.

Emphasizing getting employee referrals to fill jobs

This was spoken about a lot throughout the conference. Employee referrals hold the most weight with HR and with the hiring manager. Networking and getting your resume sent in to HR by an EMPLOYEE moves you to the top of the list to be considered. Well worth your time. LinkedIn can be very helpful in finding the right connection.

Gig Economy will continue to GROW

Employers will being encouraged to hire more people who are contractors or part timers (these are the folks who make up the gig economy). It’s not just millennials, expect to see a large rise of boomers seeking these positions.

Employees are disengaged

Gallup Poll reports that 67% of the current workforce is disengaged on the job. That means lower productivity and morale. Many of these people are looking for a new job.

Job Candidates are checking on culture

A surprise report was that 75% of all job seekers are looking on Glassdoor about the company culture and salaries BEFORE they accept a job. Many want to know what others think. It has a powerful influence on their decision to accept an offer or turn it down.

Searching online Increases

Companies are much more aggressively expanding their own search for talent looking outside their geographical region when needed to find the necessary people. Some have very difficult jobs finding any people to do their necessary work. Hardest people to find? Those willing and wanting to do Blue Collar and trade jobs.

Biggest Soft skill mentioned

Mentoring others is the skill everyone had on their lips when it was time to talk about soft skills. Boomers are very good at this and other generations need to work on developing this ability

These updates let you in on what recruiters are doing and thinking.

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