It’s Okay to Not Be Okay… #WorldMentalHealthDay

Hey Ryan,

In the movie Ocean’s Eleven, there is a scene when Matt Damon asks Brad Pitt, “Are you suicidal?” To which Brad Pitt answers, “Only in the morning.”.

(Very much a longer story, told very short) A few years ago my life was pretty lush. I lived just outside Boston & could do what I wanted to do the way I wanted to do it… After the death of my wife, my life went straight downhill. I have health issues, a very limited income, a car I can’t rely on or afford to fix, and live in a basement apartment far enough away from Boston that keeps me away from it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing strong woman by my side now, it’s a very nice, if boring neighborhood and we get by, even if it is an everyday struggle. It’s hard for me to connect with my intended VR community being so far away from everyone. Sometimes I feel like I make a good connection get close to something that will change things and not always, but most of the time it falls thru. I feel left out most of the time, and don’t know exactly where I’m going to land, or what the hell I’m doing.

So every morning morning I get up, take a big breath look around, and throw myself into it. By the afternoon I generally feel better but it’s a struggle, an everyday struggle. It’s good to know I’m are not alone with all this. I have just been listening to Kent Bye break away from his interview style and do a real podcast expressing his struggles. I’m going to reach out to him and then I’ll watch your Periscope.

You're a good guy for putting it all out there like this Ryan. Very glad to have you for a friend.