New award design. Credit to Roblox

2016 Bloxys recap.

A quick recap of the 4th annual Bloxy Awards

Awarded by the Community:

Best Breakout Game: Pokemon Brick Bronze
Updated This Year: Murder Mystery 2
Most Hours Played: Phantom Forces
Favorite Fashion Group: Fresh Era Clothing
Favorite Battle Group: First Encounter Assault Recon
Favorite Social Group: Roblox High School: Fan Club
Best Comedic Roblox Video: Hide and Seek Extreme
Best Action Video: Magnetic
Best Music VIdeo: Roblox Bully Story
Hardest Roblox Level: Flood Escape
Original Sound Track: Roblox High School
Best Fan Art: rastamypasta
Best GIF: XShirt/JakeTheNewb
Best Live Streamer: GamerChad
Best Youtube Channel: DanTDM
Best Map(s): Speed Run 4
Best Lobby: Roblox Deathrun
Best Showcase: Temple of Memories
Best User Interface: Roblox High School
Favorite Single-Player Game: Moana Sponsored Event
Favorite Team-based Multiplayer Game: Phantom Forces
Favorite Free-for-all Multiplayer Game: Murder Mystery 2
Best Art Direction: Design It!
Favorite Mobile Game: Work at a Pizza Place
Video of the Year: Pokemon Brick Bronze Trailer 2
Builder and Developer of the Year: TwentyTwoPilots
Game of the Year: Pokemon Brick Bronze

Awarded by Roblox:

Most Concurrent PC Players: RoCitizens
Most Concurrent Consle Players: Lumber Tycoon 2
Most Concurrent Tablet Players: Roblox High School
Most Overall Concurrent Players: Meepcity
Highest Average Playtime: Pilgrim Islands
Highest Rated Game: Pokemon Brick Bronze
Most VIP Servers: Murder Mystery 2
Most Returning: Notoriety
Most Visited: Phantom Forces
Most Console Visits: Lumber Tycoon 2
Most Mobile Visits:
Prison Life v2.0
Most Tablet Visits: Roblox High School
Community Excellence: Miner’s Haven
Technological Achievement: Meepcity
Best Lighting: Volt
AAA Game: Theme Park Tycoon 2
Best Animations: Polyguns
Best Use of R15: Mount of the Gods
Best User Interface: Theme Park Tycoon 2
Best Mobile Design: Rollernauts