The Future of RoboVault


As of Friday 27th of January we’ll be pausing all strategies for all our vaults. Users will be able to withdraw their assets at any time from our UI however deposits will no longer be deployed to strategies & earning any yield.

Why The Change

We’ve spent the past few weeks digging deep into our long term strategy, the viability of our business model, assessing where our strengths lie as a team & figuring out where we can provide the most value. Based on this we’ve decided to pause operations on RoboVault.

To date, we’ve been focusing solely on active on-chain delta neutral strategies, and as you know, our revenue comes from a performance fee. Here are some the reasons for pausing the vaults :

  • The high risk & high degree of security measures associated with releasing new Delta Neutral Strategies we can be confident aren’t putting users funds at risk has hampered our ability as a team to build, iterate & release at speed.
  • We don’t want to be put in a position where quality & security is neglected due to budgeting pressure.
  • Regulatory uncertainty could become a massive blocker & problem for us in the future
  • Unlike many other DeFi products, Our strategies have an anti-network effect, the more TVL that is allocated, the worse the product performs due to yield dilution.

What’s Next

We’re confident that we’ve generated significant value while building RoboVault both for our users & also in the Off Chain infrastructure we have built. Our tooling has enabled us to deploy large sums of capital into automated Pseudo Delta Neutral strategies with real time monitoring & alerts. Our security infrastructure has helped us avoid potential disastrous events on multiple occasions. We’ve also built up the knowledge and understanding of the pain points of operating a Web3 product, deploying and managing large volumes of capital in DeFi. The approach we are taking now is to develop a new platform enabling DeFi users & protocols access many of the tools, data & infrastructure that have enabled us to operate RoboVault. The tooling and infrastructure in DeFi is immature and we plan to play a role in maturing it and ussure in the next wave of capital.

We’re still in the ideation phase of exactly what the final product will be, though we have some exciting ideas & MVP’s of new products we’ll be demoing over the coming weeks.

If you’d like to be a Beta Tester for some of these new products feel free to reach out (TG : @degenRobot or email : )

If any teams would like to collaborate with us to integrate some of the products, delta neutral strategies & tools we’ve built into their own protocols feel free to reach out (TG : @degenRobot or email : )

We’re proud of what we’ve built & still excited about our future opportunities. We’re extremely grateful to our users for their trust & constant support, to our team for their continued dedication, and to our partners for their continued support.

Matt Smart

Co-Founder & CEO