Do you want to Control a Real Robot for Free? No Problem!

A few days ago I was sharing one of my kid experience on fishing. And today, guess what ? — BOOM!

Controlling RoboFisher is for Free!

The newest invention of the team of “Intelligent Business Laboratory One” — the “RoboFisher” let you to control online a real robot-rod to fish for real in another corner of the planet.

“The robots are already located in two different countries in Central Europe and the bait is fantastic on Mountain Trout Lake this period of the year”, they said.

With a wide vision to create the first network of robots on the planet (on 1000 different lakes), the Robofisher Team wants to create a community of billions of online fishers all linked to real nature, for fishing and no harm causing to the environment.

Another great thing is that the fishing became accessible and easy to disabled people, which can fish now without of someone assistance.

Will this invention bring us closer to the nature? Let’s try! Who knows how long time the trial of RoboFisher will be Free.

P.S.: Don’t hesitate to share here your experience of controlling RoboFisher :)

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