Sure, you of course grab Hayward every chance you get.
Brandon Anderson

And Tatum’s 21–7–3 and game winning shot didn’t do it for Zeke? If the C’s traded IT and took Fultz, they wouldn’t have been a top five team, not with a rookie PG. People keep talking about how the C’s could have gotten PG or Butler for cheap but there have been pretty reliable accounts stating that the C’s had offered much more than the actual returns for those players, and been rejected. I haven’t loved all of Ainge’s moves over the years (Jeff Green) but he has managed this situation in the best possible fashion, while still having immense draft capital, including another potential first round pick (Brooklyn will be very, very bad next season) and a competitive window that could remain open for a decade. It’s not over yet, either. The C’s assets will make them the first call for every desperate GM and Ainge will be waiting.

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