Can we get rid of the 3-point heave that Harden and Curry do everytime someone brushes against them…

I agree that it’s one of the most annoying things in the sport and an extension of the preferential treatment star players get. Harden, for example, regularly swings the ball through the vertically raised arms of defenders and then jacks up a faux shot. 90% he gets the ‘act of shooting call.’ The NBA could easily fix this with a ‘point of emphasis’ note in the off-season but it’s not going to happen. Why not? Offense and stars sell the game to casual fans so there is great pressure on refs to defer to that underlying concern. Once a player establishes his star status and has some recognizable go-to move, he’ll be able to coast on it well into his decline. 
The football equivalent, of course, is the rarity of offensive pass interference calls in the NFL. Mugging the defender isn’t enough — you basically have to shoot a cornerback to get called. (The exception is when receivers run picks on defenders). Same reason for it, of course — skor more pointz.

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