Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2015 Check-In
The Billfold

Happy New Year! This year is going to be a good one in terms of finances, but I’ll have to wait another month to get everything figured out — new paycheck amounts, paying off student loans (!!!), maybe buying a car. Here are my current numbers:


Christmas — My Christmas budget worked out perfectly! We will definitely be doing this again, $75/month, but no need to track it for now.

Car down payment — goal $6000
October: $3250
November: $3500
December: $3750

$250/month. This may go up after we pay off student loans

Emergency Fund — goal $6400
October: $3400
November: $3500
December: $3600

$100/month. No concrete goal on finishing this, but we’ll add extra to it every once in a while.

General Travel — Goal $infinity
October: $122
November: $278
December: $98

$200/month + extra when we have it. Went to a wedding in Wisconsin last month, but our hotel was generously paid for by my in-laws so we spent a lot less than expected.


Student Loans 
October: $7573
November: $7153
December: $6726

$450/month until we get another big stock purchasing plan check (these happen every 6 months), and then we can pay them off. Goal is to have these done by Jan 2016.

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